From analytics, automate AI-audience creation! 

Sift Lab’s AI-audiences help you reach the right customers in seconds for your CRM campaigns or find the best customers to use as lookalikes for your next performance marketing campaign. Transition from analytics to audiences to action in seconds. The first-party data segments/audiences can be immediately used in your CRM, SMS, paid marketing (including Meta and Google), and site campaigns to drive new sales acquisition and/or build retention with your current customers.

With our ready-to-launch segment strategies, our predictive AI models automatically identify the best customers to target for each campaign, driving higher revenue with improved profitability.

Our results in numbers


Saved hours

by automating the segmentation process and customer insight reports.


Revenue per email

when using Sift's AI-based predictive segments & product recommendations in email marketing


Click Through Rate

in email marketing by being precise in targeted communication

Success Stories

How Nordic Nest uses our AI Segmentation

Read about how Nordic Nest, one of Sweden's biggest online retailers within home decor, uses our AI to segment their customers and products.
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Here are some questions we normally receive about our AI segmentation.

What are the benefits with Sift Lab's AI Audiences?

Sift truly leverages AI and machine learning to bring you the most profitable audiences. Previously, you might have gone to a tool and specified that customers who viewed, bought, or did something else should be filtered into Segment X. However, extensive testing has shown that viewing or buying Nike products once does not necessarily make someone a Nike fan. Sift has teamed up with Umeå University and world-leading Professor Martin Rosvall to introduce a new way of segmenting. Tell the machine what products, categories, or brands you want to promote, and it will quickly identify the customers with the highest likelihood of purchase. 

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