All in one Analytics with Unlimited Data Activation

Sift Lab’s predictive, real-time analytics provide insights and actions seamlessly combined. Experience unmatched speed in finding answers within your data: just click on any entity to filter your results faster than any other solution, or discover predictive insights into how your sales and segments will evolve.

Activate a customer segment, product, or brand effortlessly; it can be automatically exported to a channel or enhanced with AI to create a targeted audience. Say goodbye to the tedium of building dashboards. Choose from a variety of pre-calculated and expertly designed analysis use cases, all a retailer needs to optimize the customer journey, sales, products, and campaign KPIs. All dashboards are easily tailored to fit your team’s unique needs, or you can build your own in no time.


Get to know your customer

Which customer segments drive value? How to balance new vs existing customers? What customer cohorts are profitable and why? What are purchase and engagement drivers?


Get to know your product

How do each product perform? What products are most important to which segments & in what order do my customers discover my assortment? What products drive loyalty?


Understand Campaign Performance

How do my campaigns perform? ROAS? What is my personalization maturity across email, site and external media? What channels are best for my audiences?

Success Stories

How Bokus uses our email recommendations

Read about how Bokus, one of Sweden's biggest online book stores, uses our AI in their email marketing.
Dashboard mockup

Ready to become best friends with your data?

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