AI Powered Growth for Retail

Sift Lab is on a quest to help retailers become truly data driven with the help of AI. Allowing you to go from using customer data every now and then, to power every decision with the customer in mind.

Today, we are trusted by leading global ecom, retailers and consultancies.

Through our AI-platform, you can predict and analyze your customers next move and their future behavior – allowing you to adapt and grow your business. With a few simple clicks you get massive data sets visualized in dynamic dashboards. Prepped and ready to go to work.

This might seem like complex, expensive AI-talk. But results show that our platform is more cost-efficient and gets better results than the traditional marketing clouds or AI-powered point solutions. Sift Lab will enhance your current data infrastructure and martech stack with fast time to value.

Sure, it sounds difficult, but we can ensure you, it’s never been easier.

Ready to become best friends with your data?

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