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Johan Liljebjörn
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"We have replaced the manual customer analysis in Excel with letting Sift Lab's platform do the job".

Stefan Gullner
CFO, Nordic Nest

Who are you at Nordic Nest?

Since our start in 2003, we called ourselves Designonline. But now, with our new brand identity, we are Nordic Nest, aiming to be there for everyone who has a passion for Scandinavian design tradition and helping them create homes to love!

Currently, we sell design and interior products to customers in over 70 countries and have grown significantly in recent years. Since December 2020, we are part of BHG. It’s also worth mentioning that this year we acquired the furniture classic Svenssons in Lammhult to further strengthen our position within our niche.

How do you work today to create a better experience for the customer?
Together with my team, we work daily to ensure that we create engaging content to communicate to the customer, at the right time, in the right channel, says Erik.

Interesting. How do you work more concretely with the customer journey?

I like to talk about how we have gone from being more of a marketplace, to now striving more towards being a destination for our customers, says Erik. This means a greater responsibility from our side in what we create for content and offers for our various visitors on site and to different customer groups. We have started a journey to go from being very focused on managing a purchase journey to wanting to focus on and be able to help, guide, and inspire throughout the entire customer journey. A customer journey does not start with wanting to buy a specific product, but rather wanting to redo their living room, Erik explains.

An exciting input that Sift Lab helps with is the ability to twist and turn the customer journey and clearly visualize how the customer base changes over time, adds Stefan. It gives us the opportunity not only to understand what our customers do, but also how they are affected by what we do, or do not do, and we can quickly go from confirming or rejecting an idea, often in a sitting meeting, concludes Stefan.

What challenges did you have at Nordic Nest before you started working with Sift Lab?

As e-commerce retailers, it's not hard to collect large amounts of data. Rather, the problem is that we have too much data. It's hard to analyze and visualize all the data, but above all, to be able to act on it, Stefan believes. Sift Lab helps us get better at using the potential in our data and understanding our customers' behaviors better. Because it is in all the data that the value for our visitors and customers lies.

With Sift Lab and Voyado combined, we have taken a step forward in being better at acting on the data we have, says Erik. It is here we create value for our visitors and customers when we use data and insights, but above all act on them to create a better customer experience, concludes Erik.

What do you mean concretely by acting on your data?

When we talk about acting on our data, it's largely about being able to segment our customers. We can now work with behavior-based segmentation from the analysis in Sift Lab to ensure the right content and become more relevant in our communication with Voyado and Onsite.

It's about being able to distinguish style preferences, brand preferences, etc.

How does Sift Lab help you analyze and visualize the insights from your data?

A big challenge is to succeed in identifying and quantifying what has not happened or what could have happened. Simply finding hidden and indirect correlations in the large amount of data we have, says Stefan. It has become significantly more efficient to do this with the help of Sift Lab, and we have quickly moved towards being able to get the answer to "Who has not...?" or "Who could be...?", "Who is similar to this?". This allows us to identify hidden values and opportunities in our communication and offer to our customers, continues Erik.

The simplicity of the platform to go from the whole to details and from analysis to action is exciting, say Erik and Stefan.

The combination of that and being able to quantify actions in financial and other key figures gives decisions and trade-offs so much more robustness within our respective domains, say Stefan and Erik. Now we can really have the same analysis and conclusions. The time we save on not having to aggregate and combine data can instead be spent on developing our understanding of our customers, concludes Stefan.

When did you notice that Sift Lab could help solve your problems?

We noticed it quite quickly when we got all the data into the platform. Along the way, we have also gained a greater understanding of the tool and its power, and we see great potential moving forward to use Sift Lab.

How will you use Sift Lab in your strategic work moving forward?

In addition to using Sift Lab for segmentation and customer analysis, we see advantages with predictive analyses, sales forecasts, and being able to work from a defined RFM model to manage and take care of our customer base.

Moving forward, and with even more data, I see interesting opportunities to work with projection and forecasting/modeling based on the information about purchasing patterns that we have, says Stefan. It adds a lot of value that forecasts and analyses in a clear way can be converted to key figures, which we then work with every day clearly linked to details in our history.

Being able to "roll" our customer base and do a better job with volumes and key figures can or should be developed moving forward, which previously was quite labor-intensive.

The next step for us is to broaden the use in the organization of Sift Lab and see how segmentation and relational analysis can be added to the more classical transactional analysis within, for example, purchasing and planning, concludes Stefan.

Exciting! What is the big difference right now compared to before you used Sift Lab?

A concrete problem that Sift Lab solved from the beginning and that makes a big difference now compared to before is our work with data analysis. Previously, we spent countless hours with large amounts of data in various Excel documents. It is now easier to handle in Sift Lab's platform and it saves us a lot of time. Now we can have the same analysis and conclusions when we step out of our meetings, say Stefan and Erik.

Another thing I really like about Sift Lab is that we can now easily go from analysis to insights and quickly take action, says Erik. It's "action-driven" in a way that I like. If you find customers who should be interested in product X, you can immediately take action, says Erik.

Sift Lab saves us a lot of time now when we want to segment content to different customers. Besides saving time, it also gives a better result and increased sales in our campaigns with Voyado. But most importantly, it helps us create a better customer experience

"Our goal is to create the world's best customer experience".

Stefan Gullner
CFO, Nordic Nest
Johan Liljebjörn
CCO, Sift Lab

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