How Bokus boosted revenue per email by 39%

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Anna Sundin
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Bokus is one of the leading online bookstores in Sweden with over 10 million book titles from across the world. Bokus uses Sift’s personalization as a key component in their email marketing. Originally looking for AI-based personalized product recommendations for the email channel, the choice fell on Sift, since the platform can handle large assortments and granular rules.

“Sift’s fantastic platform has been a key contributor to improving our email marketing. Since we started working actively with Sift, we have managed to increase the revenue per email by 39%.“
Hanna Hjerppe
CRM Manager, Bokus and Bokus Play

During the past year, Hanna Hjerppe, CRM Manager at Bokus and Bokus Play, has had a clear goal to significantly increase relevance in the CRM communication to drive conversion and revenue through working in a more data driven way. Bokus Marketing and E-commerce teams now uses the Sift platform in their weekly routine to generate AI-based segments with the highest predicted conversion for campaigns, newsletters, book launches and much more. The segments are automatically transferred to Bokus email marketing tool. Alongside segmentation, Sift’s product recommendations are used in Bokus email automations. The result of the new email strategy, where Sift’s platform has played a central role, is an increase in CTR by 23% and an increase in revenue per email by 39%. Total email revenue is up significantly while the number of sent emails actually has decreased by 15%.

Another benefit of the platform is the amount of time the Bokus team has saved when creating relevant segments and audiences compared to before, freeing up time for other activities. Hanna also appreciates how the Sift team continuously suggests new use cases and ideas to utilize the platform better and how they collaborate with the customer to improve the functionality.

“Using the Sift platform allows us to work in a more data driven way and frees up time for other tasks since it is both easier and more time efficient to create segments.”
Hanna Hjerppe
CRM Manager, Bokus and Bokus Play
Anna Sundin

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