Customer Segmentations

Instant, automated activation across channels!

Specify your target audience in any way you’d like. In our platform you can extract various types of segments based on customer, product and interaction data, such as RFM, Persona, Channel Engagement, Life Cycle, Cohort and Predictive Segmentations, among over a hundred different methods. Be wide and segment by geo-location, age, gender, etc.), or narrow by targeting specific user behaviors, purchasing patterns, or demographic details. Our AI will suggest the products they are most likely to buy.

Success Stories

How Nordic Nest uses our AI Segmentation

Read about how Nordic Nest, one of Sweden's biggest online retailers within home decor, uses our AI to segment their customers and products.
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Here are some questions we normally receive about our AI segmentation.

What are the benefits with Sift Lab's AI segmentation?

Our AI segmentation is both extremely precise and fast, allowing for the selection of numerous filters within a tree-like structure to segment customers or products as narrowly as desired. These segments are also dynamic in most integrations, automatically updating in real time. 

How fast does it take to take out a segment?

A few seconds, with a few clicks.

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