How Rusta uses AI-based analysis to find optimal target groups for increased conversion in various channels

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Johan Liljebjörn
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"We aim to create relevant campaigns for our customers and members. Manual segmentation was overwhelming, and we hesitated to automate due to control concerns. Sift Lab's AI effectively identifies relevant target groups for our campaigns, visualized in dashboards, ensuring our confidence before launch."

Alexander Stenvall
Head of Digital and Customer Insights, Rusta

Difficulty in Efficiently Using Data

Complex data, different tools, and manual work made it difficult and time-consuming to work efficiently with segmentation in Rusta's customer processing. For some campaigns, they could reach a well-defined target group based on manual selections, but usually, the work was too time-consuming and difficult. This most often resulted in the same offer being sent to all customers.

A similar issue existed for digital campaigns on Facebook and Google. Rusta relied on the algorithms of the advertising platforms. But this became problematic when, for example, they wanted to promote products in their e-commerce without cannibalizing the physical store's sales, as it proved difficult to include knowledge of customer purchasing behavior.

AI-based Segmentation for Better Target Groups

After successful tests with Sift Lab's platform, Rusta could delegate the time-consuming and difficult task of analyzing and segmenting customers to the platform. The platform delivered target groups for various campaigns that they easily linked to their usual email dispatch in the existing CRM solution Voyado.To give customers who did not frequently visit the store access to Rusta's offer via e-commerce, Rusta could, with the help of Sift Lab's platform, identify geographical locations that were underrepresented in store trade and include this information when purchasing external marketing from Google and Facebook.

Automated Workflow

With the help of Sift Lab's platform, Rusta has created a working method where they can increase the conversion on campaigns thanks to automatic segmentation. Being able to efficiently find target groups for different campaigns and products also provides opportunities to quickly act on situations when they want to quickly increase sales for a certain item or product for various business-critical reasons.

Read more in part 3 about how the opportunity to combine AI with business rules inspired Rusta to take the next step in its personalisation.

Johan Liljebjörn
CCO, Sift Lab

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