How Rusta Elevates Personalization by Integrating AI with Clear Business Rules

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Johan Liljebjörn
2 min read
"Creating a workflow where we can meet each visitor with personalized content across all channels, while considering our business and product strategies, is seen as the next step. We can choose in real-time whether to focus on presenting products most relevant to customers or to highlight other products based on different criteria."

Alexander Stenvall
Head of Digital and Customer Insights, Rusta

Personalization Without Losing Control
After Sift Lab's platform demonstrated that there were groups of customers with different preferences, Rusta wanted to tailor how customers were approached on the web. They wanted to offer a more personalized experience, but without losing control over marketed products.

Combining AI and Recommendations with Business Rules
Rusta had a clear vision of how products should be presented on their website. They wanted to combine the power of personalization with their product and business strategies. Based on their business strategy, Rusta created a clear structure with rules for different parts of the website.

The rules are set in Sift Lab’s recommendation function, and the tailored recommendations ensure that each visitor is met with the right products based on relevance and given business rules.

Strategic Design of Smart Product Recommendations to Meet Business Goals
A platform that can adapt personalization according to business rules gives Rusta the ability to control in real-time which products should be presented to which customers based on what they want to achieve. Sometimes they may choose to highlight a category, discounts, or products that are going out of season at the expense of relevance, while other times they prioritize showing what the customer is most likely interested in at the moment.

Johan Liljebjörn
CCO, Sift Lab

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