How Sift Lab Helps Twistshake Improve CRM and Customer Analysis

Twistshake Article
Johan Liljebjörn
3 min read
"With the help of Sift Lab, we can work efficiently with segmented communication."
Vasilika Abrahamsson
CRM Manager, Twistshake

The Swedish company Twistshake manufactures children's products with technical features that simplify life for parents of young children. For just over nine months, they have been working with Sift Lab, enabling them to be more accurate in their communication with customers.

Before contacting Sift Lab, Twistshake made daily mass mailings to all its customers. Everyone received the same offers, and there was no targeted product communication on Twistshake's website. "We had chosen about five different products ourselves and placed them under the heading 'Recommended for you', even though they were not directly targeted at specific people; those products were simply shown to everyone all the time.

Better Conversion and Increased Sales

Twistshake places a strong focus on design, quality, and the design of their products, all of which have a function and purpose, always with the child in focus. Today, they easily extract AI-based customer segments for their campaigns through Sift Lab's platform, and to send out email campaigns, they automatically sync these to their CRM tool Voyado. In this way, they achieve both better conversion and increased sales through better delivery. Additionally, they can now work with customized recommendations on both email and website – in a way that actually suits different individuals.

- Sift Lab has helped us to place relevant recommendations under all products showing specifically what the customer is interested in on our website. They can sync everything from recommended colors to a product that pairs well with the one you're looking at or have in your cart. This is dynamic today; the same products are not shown all the time but are completely individualized, Vasilika explains.

Moreover, Sift Lab helps Twistshake to create segments based on what existing customers bought the first time. As the next step, it is therefore possible to see what the customer's second, third, and fourth purchases consist of, laying a foundation that allows Twistshake to create relevant flows for customers shopping on the site for the first time.

Vasilika further explains that Sift Lab makes it possible to A/B test what different groups prefer, which has ensured that Twistshake can be sure that the right information reaches a customer at the right time. In addition, they can also create segments with customers most likely to buy a certain product if they want to push something a little extra. "Today, we can smoothly follow up on all activities and measure our KPIs in a completely new way; we can see how we succeed with our CRM work and, for example, reactivate customers who haven't shopped in a while, see how customers move or see how the campaigns perform.

Increased Work Efficiency

With the help of Sift Lab, Twistshake has gained greater insight into how their customers behave, what the different segments buy, as well as how often and what proportion of the sales they account for. Vasilika believes that this makes it clear which customers and segments they need to focus a little extra on.

"With the recommendations in place, it also becomes more relevant for customers what suits their purchase. Since everything is generated automatically, our work has been significantly more efficient since we started working with Sift Lab."

Johan Liljebjörn
CCO, Sift Lab

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