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Johan Liljebjörn
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"We entered a collaboration with Sift Lab and are now working together with to get a better grip on the data and make data-driven decisions."
Antonia Eriksson
CCO, Maya Delorez

‍We had the chance to talk with Antonia Eriksson, Chief Commercial Officer at Maya Delorez, about their impressive growth journey and how Sift Lab helps them work more data-driven. Feel free to check out Maya Delorez at

Who are Maya Delorez?

Maya Delorez is a Swedish D2C brand launched in May 2018. Initially, the business idea was to make riding pants in the same material as workout pants since the riding pants on the market were not adapted to the sport. Today, about four years later, Maya Delorez is one of Sweden's fastest-growing e-commerce companies.

Where do you sell your products?

Today, we sell and deliver our products to riders all over the world. Some examples of strong horse markets outside Sweden where we are growing a lot right now are Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

What challenges have there been with such growth as the company has had?

There are always several challenges with growing as fast as we have done. Partly, of course, it's about building an organization when we scaled the brand globally. Another part has been about technology-driven limitations, and to handle that challenge, we teamed up with Centra and NoA Ignite.

Another part has been about working more data-driven to be able to convert data into insights and activities that drive growth. There simply hasn't been either time or expertise to keep up. To handle that challenge, we entered into a collaboration with Sift Lab that we are now working together with to get a better grip on the data and make data-driven decisions.

Are there any concrete examples of how you started working more data-driven with Sift Lab?

For example, we now have a clearer way of working with well-defined KPIs and focus markets that we regularly follow up with the help of Sift Lab's platform.

Any interesting insights you've gained by using Sift Lab?

Yes, it was interesting when we could see the overview for Customer Lifetime Value (LTV). There we could clearly see that we have a long-term relationship with our customers and a high repurchase rate that indicates that they like the brand and come back to us several times. We knew we had a loyal community before, but now we have it proven in actual data.

How do you work with the customer journey and marketing?

Social media has from the beginning been a big part of both the customer journey and marketing for Maya Delorez - and still is. Notably, until November 2020, we did not invest anything at all in paid marketing but grew entirely organically.

Now we work a lot with ads, influencers/riders, and being physically present at horse competitions with pop-up shops. We work a lot to engage our community with competitions and giveaways on social media and are on all platforms. And for example, influencer marketing has Sift Lab's platform been a great help to create an overview.

Can you tell more about how Sift Lab helps you work data-driven around your influencer marketing?

Yes, influencer marketing is a strategy that involves building relationships with one or more influencers who market products. The strategy extends across several different marketing areas, like social media, product marketing, user reviews, and PR. In other words, there are several dimensions to consider, and for a company, a very important aspect is how different influencers perform in different markets.

With the help of Sift Lab, we have created a dashboard where we can see how different influencers and campaigns perform, for example, in which markets different influencers generate purchases and how effective different campaigns are. Now we also have the opportunity to see what return rate each influencer has on their assisting purchases. It's data that we can use to, for example, educate our influencers on how they can help our customers find the right size and style directly in their channels.

Are there any other examples of how you use Sift Lab?

Yes, we have regular meetings with Sift Lab where we discuss data, bounce ideas, and develop dashboards for increased insights. An example is that Sift Lab has helped us get a better overview of our products and how they perform. We have then been able to use that data in our product development. Our main focus is our riding pants, but in the future, we will also launch more tops and add more colors to existing products. The results will then be able to be evaluated with the help of Sift Lab's platform.

Finally, how do you plan to develop the collaboration with Sift Lab?

We will start using Sift Lab's flexible features for product recommendations. There are many advantages to personalized product recommendations based on what is most likely that the customer will buy given, for example, purchase history, and it feels like the next step to further improve the customer experience at Maya Delorez.

Johan Liljebjörn
CCO, Sift Lab

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