Byggmax: "Those Who Haven't Started Working With Their Data are in for a Tough Time"

Byggmax Article
Johan Liljebjörn
4 min read
"Working with AI is not the future, it's something everyone needs to do here and now."
David Olsson
Head of Digital Marketing, Byggmax

From moving from manual campaign mailings to all customers, Byggmax, with the help of Sift Lab, can tailor campaigns and communication to its customers based on interest and needs.

Byggmax is one of Sweden's most well-known building stores. Since 1993, DIY enthusiasts and professionals have been able to find high-quality building materials at low prices in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Over the past few years, the company's e-commerce has been built up, and here there are over 40,000 products ready to be clicked home.

Having a large customer group with different needs and backgrounds means that the site and communication with customers need to be adapted, something that is done, among other things, with the help of the data collected. David Olsson works as Head of Digital Marketing & Measurement Owner in the Byggmax Group. He is responsible for all digital purchases and measurement. David ensures that the right technology is used to generate purchases that have an effect.

Create Value with AI

He has worked at Byggmax for just over a year and a half and says that he started the job by getting an overview of the company's data management. He quickly saw how, among other things, AI could be used to create greater value and sought partners with effective tools.

- Previously, Byggmax worked more campaign-based, sending the same message to all subscribers or customers, which I wanted to change. We did a case together with Sift Lab with the aim of testing the setup. Based on the outcome, we quickly decided to continue the collaboration.

With the help of Sift Lab, Byggmax has started working more AI-driven, personalized, and data-informed to target audience-adapted messages and communication. Users receive information that they are actually interested in based on previous searches or purchases on the website, which has yielded good results.

100 Percent Increase in Seven Days

In seven days, Byggmax beat the previous year's revenue for a whole month by one hundred percent. Instead of just pushing 3-4 different products, over 60 were sold. Instead of just doing one mailing, twenty different variants can now be sent at the same time to meet the different target groups' needs. In addition, collected data can help to customize the content in a channel so that a mailing in April, for example, sends offers about planting soil in Skåne but snow shovels in the north.

- By using AI, you start a process that then continues to build on itself. It continues to collect information and becomes smarter the more information that is put in.

More Data-Informed and Customer-Centric

David says that Sift Lab's platform is very powerful and that the computational capacity it possesses is good. Still, the biggest advantage, he would say, is the ability to tailor the platform to ensure that the right information for one's own business is collected, and the breadth and flexibility offered are hard to find with other actors.

- You can sit in a meeting and quickly bring up the material needed, which makes meetings more data-informed and customer-centric. We can plan a campaign, develop a target group, and be ready to run it directly during the meeting. The content that is sent out can quickly be adapted to what the specific target group is interested in right now, which leads to greater engagement.

Data Strategy is a Prerequisite

The advantages of having a dedicated person who only works with measurement are many, according to David, and he highlights the importance of developing a clear strategy and ensuring that the right data is available to communicate that the company takes measurement and follow-up seriously.

- Now we live in a world where more and more data disappear with things like GDPR and browsers that do not save cookies for long, so using your first-hand data becomes really the most important way to reach your target groups. It is not a vision of the future to work with AI, it is something that happens here and now. Anyone who does not use their collected data to engage the target group today is probably starting to get a bit sweaty.

Johan Liljebjörn
CCO, Sift Lab

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